Donnybrook Hall

Address: Donnybrook Hall, 6 Belmont Avenue, Dublin 4, Ireland    Bookings: 01-269-1633, (international) +353-1-269-1633


Supporting small business people


We have recently had some wonderful new pictures done here at Donnybrook Hall which can be seen on our homepage. The process for getting these pictures taken was an easy and simple decision for us. As a small family run business ourselves we know that supporting local businesses especially those with a passion and flare for what they do is vital to keep any small business afloat and it was our pleasure to invite an up and coming local photographer called Brendan Treacy to our house to show us and all of our past, present and future guests what a real talent he has. Brendan has recently discovered his love for photography and has turned a hobby into a new business venture so when he mailed us his portfolio and little bit about himself starting up locally we were only too happy to support him as we do other businesses in the area. We would like to wish Brendan the best of luck in his new career, we are sure he will be a great success. Should anyone wish to contact Brendan to view his portfolio or enquire about his services you can do so by emailing him directly on


We have many beautiful pictures of Donnybrook Hall which can be found on our facebook page Donnybrook Hall Guesthouse, Trip Advisor and websites. If you have stayed with us why not add your pictures to these sites and show us your photography skills.

Warm wishes from all the Donnybrook Hall staff x