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My favourite place in Dublin by Solji Kim

It is always nice to hear the prospective of a newcomer to Dublin on some of the places that makes them feel at home. We thought we would post a short piece by one of our staff members SOL on what has helped her settle into Dublin city life.


My favorite place in Dublin.
I’ve been in Dublin for a year and I want to introduce My favorite place in Dublin!
When I arrived in Dublin many things were different and I had to adapt myself to the new
It was not easy, so I looked for some places that I can be relaxed.


Fortunately, I found the place that I can be relaxed.
The place named Howth. Howth is amazing place which close to Dublin.
It takes less than 40 mins by bus (and 15mins from Dart!) from Dublin and has beautiful cliffs.
There are some trekking courses to climb up the cliff and those were incredible!


The sea always makes me comfortable and I can have enough time to refresh my things.

Sol has been a member of Donnybrook Hall staff for over a year now and has become a very valuable member of the team. She can relate to guests that have never visited the city and offer her knowledge of the best places in the city centre and surrounding areas for newcomers. Thanks to SOL for taking the time to write something small on one of her favourite places that may become a favourite of yours also.