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Recognition and Appreciation :) <3


As we approach the end of another amazing year we are so proud to receive another CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE from TRIPADVISOR for 2016. It has so far been an absolutely amazing year for us being able to welcome old faces and new into our bed and breakfast and be able to say we have gained many more friends in our guests. It is a wonderful achievement to be so highly recognised and appreciated and we honestly could not have gotten where we are without all of YOU!!! So thank you to everyone that has given us their custom and continuous support through out not only this year but previous years and also years to come.

Why stay in a bed and breakfast


Donnybrook Hall Dublin is a family run bed and breakfast just on the outskirts of the city centre. We have 10 bedrooms, each of which are different from the next. 3 of our rooms are in the garden area and decorated in a rustic theme and 7 in the main house which have traits of a more victorian style in keeping with the era of the house. The Donnybrook area itself is a haven of tranquility with many well run pubs and restaurants and not forgetting the amazing Herbert Park which is stunning whether it be winter/spring/summer/autumn. So why stay with us you ask? We take the time to get to know our guests and make each and every person feel as comfortable here as they would in their own home. Our check in is very personal and this is the time we sit with you and find out what you like and how we can help you to plan out the best trip possible. Tea/Coffee cakes and biscuits are always on hand in the lounge where you can sit in peace or come up for a good oul natter. There are no rules here only come in, relax and anything you need or anything we can do to better your stay please come and let us know. Thanks again to everyone who has given us their custom past, present and future.

VHI womans mini marathon

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DB-LogoBBDonnybrook Hall would much appreciate everyones support inhelping them to raise funds for their chosen charities in the VHI womans mini marathon in Dublin this coming June. We will donate to two amazing places and hope that you can all get onboard in helping us to the raise as much as theycan by June 6th.

Many thanks and best of luck to all the ladies who have entered this year


Some facts on the 1916 Easter Rising



The Easter rising took place in Ireland in April 24-29 1916 where some Irish Republican leaders and members of the Cumann na mBan led an army and took to the streets to fight the British regiment to take back its Country after 700 years under their rule. The English troops at this time were highly involved in WW1 so it was the perfect timing for the Irish troops to attack. Over the course of the days the Irish failed to take over numerous buildings they had planned attack and as the British sent for reinforcements there was a rising death number with Innocent civilians. This is the cause for the surrender of Padraig Pearse on April 29th, his surrender document read:

“In order to prevent the further slaughter of Dublin citizens, and in the hope of saving the lives of our followers now surrounded and hopelessly outnumbered, the members of the Provisional Government present at headquarters have agreed to an unconditional surrender, and the commandants of the various districts in the City and County will order their commands to lay down arms”

After this document was issued the other members followed Pearse and surrendered themselves. A British General ordered the arrest of all dangerous “Sinn Feiners” including those who took an active part in the movement but may not have fought themselves. A total of 3,430 men and 79 women were arrested, although most were subsequently released. However, many were sentenced to Death from Kilmainham jail and over a period of 9 days the leaders of the Rising were executed.

  • 3 May : Patrick Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh and Thomas J. Clarke
  • 4 May : Joseph Plunkett, William Pearse, Edward Daly and Michael O’Hanrahan.
  • 5 May : John MacBride
  • 8 May : Eamonn Ceant, Michael Mallin, Sean Heuston and Conn Colbert.
  • Sir Roger Casement was tried in London for High Treason and hanged at Pentonville Prison on 3 August.

Many Dubliners did not agree with the outbreak of the rising however in the aftermath of the executions the people became angered and this set to change the history of Ireland as they knew it. Irish civilians under the British rule backed the Republicans (Irish National Army) and slowly but surely took back many of the Irish towns. In 1922 Ireland finally claimed back its land. The troops left Ireland in January 1922 after the signing of the Anglo Irish Treaty.

Commemorations are held each Easter in Ireland for those that died heroes for their country. Glasnevin Cemetary is a popular place to visit as this is where they are laid to rest.


(Donnybrook) Location, location, location…


Supporting Donnybrook

Donnybrook, Dublin 4 is a beautiful, tranquil area just outside the hussle and bussle of the city centre. It takes 5/10 minutes by bus and just 25 minutes walk to St.Stephens green. When staying in the Donnybrook area we like to think our guests our getting the best of both worlds, You are a short distance from the crowds, shops and Irish craic while still being able to enjoy the tranquility of your getaway in an area that at most times of the day you could hear a pin drop.

Donnybrook has alot of history attached to its name and since the 18th century has been a village reknowned for its tranquil hospitality. Should you wish to stay in the area you will be greated by attractions such as Herbert park, the morrison obelisk and of course Donnybrook Halls big yellow door :) The Donnybrook walking trail offers history, scenery and a breath of fresh air to anyone looking to take a break from their busy schedule. In recent years Donnybrook is becoming ever more popular with travellers from all over the world and has recently become part of the city scape hop on hop off bus tour for those of you that want to hop on a bus at morehampton road in Donnybrook and be guided around the Dublin 4 area and also the city centre being able to pick and choose your destinations after learning a little more about them from your guide.

We offer extensive knowledge of all things “Donnybrook” so if you are wondering why you should choose us give us a call and we will be happy to help you plan out your trip.

Best wishes from all of us here at Donnybrook Hall <3

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Providing our guests with knowledge


I am a firm believer that to give the best of my knowledge to our guests that I should at least have experienced the places I am advising them to go. I have set off on many adventures around Dublin and Ireland and always feel a great sense of achievement when I can tick places off my list and give accurate information to guests when they need it.

Today I set out with my 5 year old son to visit Glasnevin museum and cemetary where I would learn more in depth about Irish history and its rebels. I reached the museum and bought a ticket for their guided tour which I must say I was very impressed by. The tour guide knew exactly how to keep us all entertained and the hour flew in leaving me feeling a little more knowledgeable on Irish history but what amazed me was when we left my 5 year old could repeat the names and stories to me and seemed generally interested in what he had learned. Not only is there a great tour but a geneology department where you can check names of your ancestors that may be buried in the cemetary. All in all it leaves you feeling a little more in touch with Ireland and all it has been through and I would recommend this tour to all genres.

You can pick up a 46A bus from Morehampton road and travel to North Circular road where you can walk to the Cemetary is less than 5 minutes.

Not only is there an array of tours and events in the city center but so much to see and do within minutes outside of it. We at Donnybrook Hall take great pride in being able to correctly update our guests and offer you our experiences as reviews for anywhere within the city and outside the city walls that may interest you.

So whether its the little leprechauns and fairies that live in the end of our gardens or the Great Irish leaders who have shaped our country into what it is we can guarantee you an interesting and insightful stay with us.


Donnybrook Hall is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Our staff are fully committed to meeting the needs of each and every guest, whatever it may be. As a result of this a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Here are Donnybrook Hall we are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction . We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy visiting our guesthouse.

Go raibh maith agat agus slan leat.

Just a little taste of our Breakfast menu (the most important meal of the day)


Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

Ice cold Lemon Water


Fresh fruit Salad & Yoghurt

Muesli with fresh fruit & Yoghurt or Milk

Irish Porridge oats served with strawberry cream & brown sugar or honey & cinnamon




Homemade brown bread and toast


Full Irish Breakfast (Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Mushrooms, Black and white pudding, Tomatoe)

Scrambled/Poached/Boiled eggs with any of the above sides

Oven baked omelette topped with cheese & a choice of fillings of any of the above

Scrambled eggs with a smoked salmon topping served on fresh bread with a side of tomatoe and lemon

Eggs benedict served with crispy bacon

Pancakes with a choice of syrups (Maple, Strawberry, Honey, Toffee) served with fresh fruit, marshmallows, chocolate & an optional side of bacon

French Toast with a choice of toppings (Maple, Strawberry, Honey, Toffee) & an optional side of bacon


Freshly brewed Coffee (option of decaf)

Selection of Teas (Fresh, Decaf & Herbal)

Hot chocolate

Breakfast is served daily from 8am – 9.30am however should you need to leave earlier for a flight or tour please let us know at reception so we can accommodate you with an earlier time or packed breakfast to go. Gluten and dairy free options are available on request.

Halloween in Ireland then and now


Halloween is an ancient Celtic festival, (Oiche Shamna in Irish language.) It has been celebrated for many years where the young and sometimes not so young take to the streets in spooky costumes such as witches, goblins and ghouls trick or treating for sweets. The aim is to knock on as many houses as you can in your neighborhood filling up baskets and bags with sweets, nuts, fruits and sometimes moneys shouting “trick or treat, trick or treat, give me something nice to eat”. The treat is getting home that evening and for one night only being allowed to gorge on all of your goodies.

In olden times it is said that for one night only fairies, pixies, ghosts and ghouls arise from the dead and the reasoning behind the costumes and masks is so that said creatures don’t recognise you and drag you back to their dark, eery underworlds.

Some Halloween traditions have been around for many years such as pumpkin carving, bonfires and bobbing for apples and most have superstitions attached to them such as the Barn brack (Bairin brack in Gaeilge) which would be a typical tea time treat in every Irish household at Halloween and it is always a treat to be the one to find the ring that is planted in the middle of the brack. In the past, similar to a barnbrack, charms were mixed into the colcannon. Charms found were seen as a portent for the future. A button meant you would remain a bachelor, and a thimble meant you would remain a spinster for the coming year. A ring meant you would get married, and a coin meant you would come into wealth. Others filled their socks with colcannon and hung them from the handle of the front door in belief that the first man through the door would become their future husband.

Halloween has different meanings to everyone and as the years go by from generation to generation alot has seemed to change. Costumes were typically made by a childs parent and consisted of old rags and coal stained faces or a witches hat and a black bag now childrens costumes are shop bought and not necessarily even spooky. Bon fire nights have gone from literally a “fire of bones”, the unused remains of slaughtered animals were hygienically disposed of to lighting tyres and planks of wood gathered for weeks by the kids in the area. One thing is for sure that whether you are an adult or a child on Halloween night, Ireland is the best place to be.


Supporting small business people


We have recently had some wonderful new pictures done here at Donnybrook Hall which can be seen on our homepage. The process for getting these pictures taken was an easy and simple decision for us. As a small family run business ourselves we know that supporting local businesses especially those with a passion and flare for what they do is vital to keep any small business afloat and it was our pleasure to invite an up and coming local photographer called Brendan Treacy to our house to show us and all of our past, present and future guests what a real talent he has. Brendan has recently discovered his love for photography and has turned a hobby into a new business venture so when he mailed us his portfolio and little bit about himself starting up locally we were only too happy to support him as we do other businesses in the area. We would like to wish Brendan the best of luck in his new career, we are sure he will be a great success. Should anyone wish to contact Brendan to view his portfolio or enquire about his services you can do so by emailing him directly on


We have many beautiful pictures of Donnybrook Hall which can be found on our facebook page Donnybrook Hall Guesthouse, Trip Advisor and websites. If you have stayed with us why not add your pictures to these sites and show us your photography skills.

Warm wishes from all the Donnybrook Hall staff x

My favourite place in Dublin by Solji Kim

It is always nice to hear the prospective of a newcomer to Dublin on some of the places that makes them feel at home. We thought we would post a short piece by one of our staff members SOL on what has helped her settle into Dublin city life.


My favorite place in Dublin.
I’ve been in Dublin for a year and I want to introduce My favorite place in Dublin!
When I arrived in Dublin many things were different and I had to adapt myself to the new
It was not easy, so I looked for some places that I can be relaxed.


Fortunately, I found the place that I can be relaxed.
The place named Howth. Howth is amazing place which close to Dublin.
It takes less than 40 mins by bus (and 15mins from Dart!) from Dublin and has beautiful cliffs.
There are some trekking courses to climb up the cliff and those were incredible!


The sea always makes me comfortable and I can have enough time to refresh my things.

Sol has been a member of Donnybrook Hall staff for over a year now and has become a very valuable member of the team. She can relate to guests that have never visited the city and offer her knowledge of the best places in the city centre and surrounding areas for newcomers. Thanks to SOL for taking the time to write something small on one of her favourite places that may become a favourite of yours also.

Pear, Almond, Orange and white chocolate cookies

o p a


  • One cup of all purpose flour (I use gluten free)
  • One cup of caster sugar
  • Dash of lemon juice
  • Approx half – 3/4 cup of melted butter
  • One pear
  • One orange or mandarin
  • Approx one cup of chopped almonds
  • One bar of plain white chocolate

Option to add cranberry and raisins


  • Preheat oven to 170 degrees celcius
  • Mix together flour, caster sugar and melted butter until moist
  • Peel the skin from the pear and chop into fine pieces and mix through the flour mix
  • Add a dash of lemon juice and the chopped almonds, mix through well
  • Place on grease proof paper on the baking tray in your cookie shapes
  • Cut up the orange and top the cookie with a small slice including the skin
  • Add a small square of white chocolate on the top
  • Bake for approx 20 minutes or until knife comes out from mix clean